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Book Review: “The Go-Giver”

As a result of graduating from college, I have been afforded three things: a bachelor’s degree, a passionate job search, and lots of books. Though I have been “out of  work,” I have been surprisingly busy. Doing what? Well, applying for jobs is my first priority, so I try to apply to at least one … Continue reading

Discussion of Islamaphobia: Beyond Burkas and Bombers

Last night, I visited Pacific Lutheran University (for the first time!) to view a documentary on Islamaphobia put on by the award-winning MediaLab. The documentary, “Beyond Burkas and Bombers: Anti-Muslim Sentiment in America,” told the story of current misconceptions and struggles that many Americans have with understanding Islam and its group of diverse peoples. Also … Continue reading

It is time

I just left my last college class. Ever. I thought I would be jumping out of my chair, but I stayed behind and walked home really, really slowly. As I glanced around our quiet campus, I thought, “Is this really it?” The sunset is stunning, and as I walk from Red Square towards the Viking … Continue reading

WWU’s Etiquette Dinner 2/13 – Recap

Each year, Western Washington University holds an “Etiquette Dinner,” a chance for students and professionals alike to brush up on their table manners and social skills. Students from all different majors joined tables with representatives from Boeing, Clark Nuber, Clearwire, Dynacraft, a PACCAR company, Ernst & Young, Fred Meyer, KeyBank, Larson Gross, Mutual of Omaha, … Continue reading

When Is it Okay to Lie?

This quarter, I am taking Ethics of Communication. It is my favorite class by far, pretty much because the teacher is awesome AND hilarious. In terms of content, the course is relevant to every day life which makes the concepts fairly easy to grasp while still being attention grabbing. This class is designed to teach … Continue reading

New header for Becoming Nica blog!

For the last few months I have been busy writing for my other blog, BecomingNica, and it has been a great experience to change my style of writing and also to record the adventures that I am having studying abroad! The story of the header of Becoming Nica is I originally wanted a header that … Continue reading

Networking… Just do it!

Networking is one of the most important skills/tools that a recent graduate or job seeker can posses. Apart from being competent in a particular field and qualified to work in the desired job, being able to approach and get to know the right people is an important part of finding the most fitting job opportunity. … Continue reading