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Facebook Fired

You would think that by now people may have a better understanding of the power of social media. Wrong. Not only is Facebook still a place to talk to friends, it is also a place to be evaluated by your current or future employer and unfortunately for Denise Helms, her employer Cold Stone Creamery was … Continue reading

What does social networking mean to you?

                    Per a recent post by Bill Dorman (see here), I was inspired to explore my own thoughts about social networking and its function in my professional, academic and personal life. With respect to my professional and academic careers, it is mandatory that I have a … Continue reading

May I Have Your Password?

This past March, Facebook released this post, which announced the increase of employers asking potential employees to reveal their Facebook passwords and login information during an interview. Facebook Chief Privacy Officer, Erin Egan, advised Facebook users to protect their login information and not to give it so freely under these conditions. For some fields, specifically … Continue reading