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Discussion of Islamaphobia: Beyond Burkas and Bombers

Last night, I visited Pacific Lutheran University (for the first time!) to view a documentary on Islamaphobia put on by the award-winning MediaLab. The documentary, “Beyond Burkas and Bombers: Anti-Muslim Sentiment in America,” told the story of current misconceptions and struggles that many Americans have with understanding Islam and its group of diverse peoples. Also … Continue reading

The Ethics of BP’s Tourism Advertisements

I recently wrote a research paper on the ethics of BP’s tourism advertisements, post oil spill that is. I really enjoyed the relevancy of the topic, but I found that it was really hard to access their public relations strategy without having proof of whether or not BP is being honest and transparent. The main topics … Continue reading

When Is it Okay to Lie?

This quarter, I am taking Ethics of Communication. It is my favorite class by far, pretty much because the teacher is awesome AND hilarious. In terms of content, the course is relevant to every day life which makes the concepts fairly easy to grasp while still being attention grabbing. This class is designed to teach … Continue reading