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The Ethics of BP’s Tourism Advertisements

I recently wrote a research paper on the ethics of BP’s tourism advertisements, post oil spill that is. I really enjoyed the relevancy of the topic, but I found that it was really hard to access their public relations strategy without having proof of whether or not BP is being honest and transparent. The main topics … Continue reading

Handling Future Tripping

Hello and happy new year to all! I am finally getting used writing 2013 done instead of 2012 and boy does it feel good. This year, is a big one for me. I am in my last quarter of undergraduate university, with a planned graduation in March and I already want to jump out of … Continue reading

Media Literacy 101 – Research in Popular Articles

I just finished taking the Communication Research Methods 398 course required by my Communication major. I can tell you that it was fairly boring (except for the professor who was absolutely phenomenal), though I did manage to walk away from this class with increased knowledge – don’t believe everything that journalists claim. To be more … Continue reading

Advice from #WWUPopMIC

Yesterday, I attended the 3rd annual Pop Music Industry Conference at Western Washington University (#WWUPopMIC). It was an absolutely amazing experience – the panelists were well-prepared and did a great job of explaining the ins and outs of the industry. Below are prominent quotes and pieces of advice from the panels I attended. Special thanks … Continue reading

How to Turn Academic Skills into Professional Skills

As a student, I am often forced to leave the classroom to find “job experience”, however there are many skills that we learn in class which can transfer to a professional environment. 1. Diligently scribble – A new job or internship can be overwhelming at first, so write everything down. Taking detailed notes shows you … Continue reading