About Afterglow

afterglow [ˈɑːftəˌgləʊ]
1. The atmospheric glow that remains for a short time after sunset.
2. The light emitted after removal of a source of energy, especially:

a) The glow of an incandescent metal as it cools.
b) The emission of light from a phosphor after removal of excitation.

3. The comfortable feeling following a pleasant experience.
4. A lingering impression of past glory or success.

This blog is intended to remind us of our power to improve communication skills and to strengthen the interpersonal and professional relationships in our lives.

More effective communication = better health, stronger relationships, & success in the workplace

I began writing a blog because I had more ideas than time in class to discuss communication. The topics I choose are inspired by my journey to change the world one day, one person at a time. I hope that my experience can help someone else, and inspire them to continue growing their capacity to ROCK! I also invite others to contribute to Afterglow as guest writers in order to widen the scope of communication experiences.

Please share your questions, comments, observations, and critiques whenever you feel inspired, and then some.