Book Review: “The Go-Giver”

ImageAs a result of graduating from college, I have been afforded three things: a bachelor’s degree, a passionate job search, and lots of books. Though I have been “out of  work,” I have been surprisingly busy. Doing what? Well, applying for jobs is my first priority, so I try to apply to at least one a day, or participate in an activity that could lead me to a job. My days are filled with coffee chats with professionals, lunches with friends who I haven’t seen very much in the last couple years, and networking opportunities. I also have made sure to relax and enjoy my free time – which is the most popular advice that I get from anyone who I tell that I am job seeking. Anyhow, on a few of my free days, I read “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann, a book that was appropriately given to me by one of my mentors.

The book is a business fable, which introduces The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success, which can be applied to any profession (or even a hobby or relationship). After introducing each of the laws, examples were given to illustrate how each one functioned. Here is one of the laws, and how I have seen it manifest in my life:

The Law of Value
When I was a student at Western Washington University, I took a class called Professional Communication. In that course, we learned how to write cover letters, resumes, thank you’s, ask for professional references, and perform well in job interviews. I then became a teaching assistant for the course for two quarters. Overall, I spent about eight months, spread over a period of a year proofreading and revising cover letters, resumes, and coaching students on job interview performance. Because of this experience, I am uniquely qualified to help others with their job search preparation.

Since I have graduated, I have helped edit one of my friend’s cover letter and resume, and I did a thorough mock interview with another. This is a “service” that I offer with an open heart because it was so helpful when others assisted me. This brings me to the Law of Value which states, “Your true worth is determined by how much you give in value than you take in payment.” I love this because it encourages a spirit of service. It also reminds me that no matter what, I always have something to offer. Being unemployed is challenging because at times it’s easy to feel like I am useless. Reaching out to others, and finding how I can give back keeps me feeling useful and in action.

In the book, the example that they use is mentorship. This is another great act of service, one that I am excited to participate in on the mentor side. I have been blessed with several mentors of all different types: academic, spiritual and professional. Their free guidance and encouragement has helped me get to where I am today and is absolutely priceless. I guess the main idea of this law, is that value is not measured by how much money one has, or how many cars they own, but rather by what they contribute to our global community. In this way, I may be unemployed, though I feel I am of high value because of the time I take to impact the ones I love around me.

I recommend this book because it’s got some sage advice for anyone and everyone…And, not to mention that it’s a quick read (124 pages!) and written in the style of a fable (a.k.a. it’s a relatively easy read!). This is definitely a book that I am at least going to refer to from time to time, if not read over and over again!


Have you read “The Go-Giver?” How do you see its laws apply in your life?


3 thoughts on “Book Review: “The Go-Giver”

  1. Hi Kiné,

    Great review! You also excel at the Law of Receptivity – The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. It’s an excellent combination and not always an easy one for people to do or admit that they want, need, or appreciate.

    Keep it all up! Glad you’re enjoying the time. : )


  2. Kine, thank you so much for your very kind review of John David Mann’s and my book. Very honored that you enjoyed it and found it to be of sufficient value to share with your readers. Best wishes for great success as you embark upon a career in which I know you will provide exceptional value to the lives of many people, and be very greatly financially rewarded as a result. Thank you so much again for the review!

    (Thank you, Patti Rowlson for letting me know about the review on Twitter) 🙂

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