It is time

I just left my last college class. Ever.

I thought I would be jumping out of my chair, but I stayed behind and walked home really, really slowly. As I glanced around our quiet campus, I thought, “Is this really it?”

The sunset is stunning, and as I walk from Red Square towards the Viking Union, past the red statue, I thought, “Is this really it?”Image

All the hard work. All the let downs. All of the triumphs. They all led me to this point, when I calmly look the world in the chin, and flinch. “Is this really it?”

Tears well up in my eyes as I walk down N. Garden. To the right, Bellingham’s blue bay shines the sun’s kisses on me. The trees wink at me. The houses nod at me. More tears well up. This is my street. This was my life. This was my road, my earth, my path. And now I dig my feet through the trail one more time, the last time, the very last time, to leave a mark for the one who follows.

I open my front door and tears escape into the comfort of my guardian. Yes, this is it.


5 thoughts on “It is time

  1. 2-3 years from today, when ever you will hear Bryan Adam’s “Summer of 69” you will relate it’s each piece with what you have experienced today.

    Cheer & enjoy every moment of life. They will never return.

    Good Look for the future.

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