Posted in March 2013

The Ethics of BP’s Tourism Advertisements

I recently wrote a research paper on the ethics of BP’s tourism advertisements, post oil spill that is. I really enjoyed the relevancy of the topic, but I found that it was really hard to access their public relations strategy without having proof of whether or not BP is being honest and transparent. The main topics … Continue reading

It is time

I just left my last college class. Ever. I thought I would be jumping out of my chair, but I stayed behind and walked home really, really slowly. As I glanced around our quiet campus, I thought, “Is this really it?” The sunset is stunning, and as I walk from Red Square towards the Viking … Continue reading

“Getting What You’re Worth and a Little More”

As the quarter winds down and my college career quickly makes it way to the finish line, I have enjoyed the opportunity of attending as many campus workshops and networking events as possible. I recently attended the third Professional Readiness Workshop of the quarter titled, “Getting What You’re Worth and a Little More.” The timeliness … Continue reading