Saturday Night Wisdom: The Birthday Edition

Today is officially my one-year anniversary writing this blog! Woo hoo!! Click here to read my first blog post.5045502202_1d867c8a41_b

This is a good time to reflect on my goals and what I have accomplished since establishing this blog.

When I first started Afterglow, I had three main goals:

  1. To improve my writing skills.
  2. To increase my professional network and promote a positive online image.
  3. To learn more about my field of communication (PR, Social Media) and practice critical thinking.

I have certainly been able to achieve the above goals and more. Having my own website and blog has invited the interest and respect of other students, teachers, friends and professionals. I have created bonds with several of my peers who wrote guest posts for Afterglow. I have impressed professionals and possible employers because it is still fairly unique to write a blog, even for professionals in my field. For those reasons, this blog has proved to be an effective networking tool (in-person and online).

As far as my writing skills go, I am not the best judge of whether or not I have improved. What I do know, is that I been able to express my ideas more quickly (in part by my life which has become so busy!). Now, I can whip up a blog post in 20 minutes, no biggie, whereas the first blog posts could take an hour or so.

Last but not least, I have thoroughly enjoyed staying engaged critically with content from my coursework. This blog has also helped me stay hungry for new and additional information to what I receive in my classed and internships. Tweet chats are a great example of a resource that I have tapped into – one that is very useful, but certainly “self-directed” and outside of the classroom.

And now my favorite part: New Goals!

In the next year, I hope to focus on the following:

  1. Increase traffic to my blog and engage with other bloggers more often.
  2. Expand on the topics that I write about, and challenge myself to do more research for blog posts.
  3. Re-incorporate outside contributors to the blog by inviting guest writers and posting interviews.

I am so proud that I was able to keep up with this blog for a year. Especially considering the fact that I have been uber busy in college, I give myself a GIANT pat on the back for sticking through. This is my baby. And now it’s about to walk. Bring on the child-proofing.

Photo credit: Will Clayton (Flickr)


4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Wisdom: The Birthday Edition

  1. Kine, you completely inspire me! Not only with your personality, but more specifically with your dedication to becoming more and more professional in everything you do. I’ve started a music blog as part of an Honors class assignment, which has been exciting for me because I’ve wanted to create one for a while. I’m just getting started with it, but this post excites and challenges me to keep going with it and find specific goals for my own blog! Good work!

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