Saturday Morning Wisdom: Having a bad day? Adjust yo attitude!

Last weekend, my mom’s brand new leased 2012 Honda Civic was stolen right out of her drive way. It was 31 days old exactly. Obviously, this is a pretty horrible event to occur in anyone’s life and she has the 100% right to be upset and depressed. However, we have been talking a lot about the impact that this stolen car situation has on her life and how it could actually be positive. 2012HondaCivicHF

What I learned, is that we humans tend to think of events as either positive or negative. That type of thinking is pretty limiting especially considering all of the intricacies of life that we experience. One event is not a stand alone circumstance – it affects and is affected by other events in life.

Today when my mom finally picked up a rental car, she was being super critical of it. She noticed a couple spots that weren’t clean and immediately thought the car smelled smokey. I was annoyed by this for some reason, and I realized it was because I wanted her to be grateful. Although her car was stolen, she is lucky to have an insurance company and policy that is actually taking care of her!

At the end of the day, our happiness is measured by our willingness to accept whatever uncontrollable situations come our way, as well as being an active agent in our own life. We can be perfectly happy no matter what is occurring externally. This is a fact. Much easier said than done, but a fact nonetheless. So today, I challenge you to accept whatever “negative” situation occurs. Not a complacent acceptance, but an acceptance that the event exists and that beside the fact you can still choose to be at peace.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Wisdom: Having a bad day? Adjust yo attitude!

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