I Do Try to Practice What I Preach


With only 51 days until I graduate, I am beginning to round up all of my resources to find my “dream job”. One of the resources that I am tapping into is the not-so-famous informational interview. I say “not-so-famous” because of two factors: 1) not as many job seekers actually perform them, and 2) they are really scary.


I was introduced the idea of the informational interview about two years ago when I took a course called “Professional Communication”. It took me that long to actually do one. I chose to do my first interview with someone I already knew, therefore easing some of the nerves that I had. But after completing it, I don’t know what I was so scared about!

I asked for a telephone informational interview with a recent Western Washington University graduate who I knew from sharing classes in the Communication major. She graduated over six months ago and now is working as a recruiter. I thought she would have insight towards questions I am having right now as I start my job search, and I was right.

Before I spoke with her, I prioritized a list of questions that I wanted to ask her. I focused on asking questions about her experience as a recent grad, how she leveraged her degree for a job, how to stand out as a candidate, and what recruiting is about as a career.

The largest take-away from our conversation was that I felt a great spirit of hope and comfort. It’s funny how becoming informed actually increased my self-confidence towards 1) my ability to successfully find a job and 2) about not absolutely having to have everything figured out right after graduation.  

Based on my experience, I am fearless, or almost fearless to repeat the process with several other professionals who work at companies I am interested in. I will certainly have more success stories to tell soon. Stay tuned!

Have you ever conducted an informational interview? How did it help you?

Photo credit:  bizman_1 (Flickr)


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