#ResuChat Summary: Making Informational Interviews Work For You

#ResuChat is a Twitter Chat or discussion on job search advice. The live chat is held every other Tuesday at 8pm ET. Tonight’s discussion was on informational interviews, a topic extremely relevant to me right now as I am starting to apply for jobs and checking in with my current contacts. Below are the questions and some of the tweets from tonight that I found really informative.

Question 1: How will scheduling informational interviews during your job search help you in the long run?

InfoInterviewA1_1 InfoInterviewA1_3 InfoInterviewA1_2

Question 2: How does an informational interview work? What kind of questions should you ask… and expect to answer?InfoInterviewA2_1InfoInterviewA2_6 InfoInterviewA2_5InfoInterviewA2_InfoInterviewA2_3 InfoInterviewA2_4InfoInterviewA2_2

Questions 3: How can job seekers prepare themselves for an informational interview? Is there such a thing as being over-prepared?

InfoInterviewA3_1 InfoInterviewA3_2

Question 4: When moving to a new city, how can we best use informational interviews to build a new local personal network?InfoInterviewA4_1 InfoInterviewA4_3 InfoInterviewA4_2

Question 5: What are the worst things you can do, say or ask during an informational interview?

InfoInterviewA5_1 InfoInterviewA5_3 InfoInterviewA5_2

Question 6: What’s the protocol for following up after an info interview? Why or why not?InfoInterviewA6_1 InfoInterviewA6_2InfoInterviewA6_3

Anything missing? How do you make the most out of informational interviews?


3 thoughts on “#ResuChat Summary: Making Informational Interviews Work For You

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