Handling Future Tripping

Hello and happy new year to all! I am finally getting used writing 2013 done instead of 2012 and boy does it feel good. This year, is a big one for me. I am in my last quarter of undergraduate university, with a planned graduation in March and I already want to jump out of my seat the first week of the quarter. Graduation means my first real job, which I plan to find in 2013. And between those two ticket items, I will make a lot of mistakes/wisdom to share with the world through this blog.Caps - Victory!

I am excited for the changes, but I really have to watch for the flip side: paralyzing fear of failure and of not being “good enough”. Yeah, I said it. Fear. The fear is that I will be like all the other graduates who tell me it takes them months and hundreds of applications to find a job. But taking that into consideration will not actually help me too much, other than getting the application process started nice and early, aka, now. I want to share my experience because I KNOW that I am definitely not the only soon-to-be college graduate freaking out right now.

Here are some things that I am doing to help with this process:

  • Meditation/Prayer/Centering: I am all over the place sometimes (most of the time), going from work to class to meetings then having to do homework while still having enough time to attend parties and answer my mom’s phone calls. Getting quiet for 5-10 minutes once or twice a day really helps me remember that no matter how things turn out, everything will be ok.
  • Talk to people who will tell me I am awesome: Ok, this one isn’t necessarily 100% intentional, but another way of saying it is to surround yourself with people who support you and believe in you. Half the time when I voice my fears, people tell me, “Oh, you have nothing to worry about.” Other times, they go on by saying things like, “You will be a real asset to any company.” Positive affirmations really do help us perceive ourselves differently, and those coming from other people mean a lot.
  • Be organized: I have read that it really helps to keep a detailed system of all the positions that you are or have applied for, that way you can be best prepared to answer a phone call, email or sudden interview.
  • Write a gratitude list: One of the issues with fearing the future is that it makes me feel like something is wrong today, and that is not the case. Maybe in six months if I have no job, that could possibly be an “issue”, however, today I am in the right place, and have so much to be grateful for. Writing these things down gives me peace, confidence and reminds me to chill out!

I’m sure there are a million other great coping mechanisms…how are you dealing with pre-graduation stress?

Photo credit: shiladsen (Flickr)


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