Genius Spot: Instagram, finally.

The photo-sharing app Instagram was released for Android this week. I have an Android phone and Instagram was basically the main reason why I wanted an iPhone; I can tell you that I am ecstatic to have access to the app. What is so awesome about Instagram? Well, it combines three items: life experience, fancy (aka easy) photo editing and social networks. The application allows users to share their world in a creative and easy way, so much so that it is hard to not think in terms of “what can I next share on Instagram?” The application is very realistic for my lifestyle because I already enjoy sharing photos of my life with friends. I previously used Little Photo as a photo editing application, which had a much larger variety of editing choices, but was not as simple and easy to navigate as Instagram is. Little Photo also was not formed as a social network.

Something to note: Since Instagram is a social networking application, it also owns rights to all photographs that users take and those photographs are public. I love that I live in a world in which we are able to share so much of our lives with each other, but it is valuable to pause at times and to consider what that means.

How have social networking sites or applications affected the way you relate to other people?


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