Posted in April 2012

Genius Spot: Doodle is a free and easy-to-use online resource for scheduling meetings. It is especially great when trying to coordinate amongst several people at once. I recently suggested it to a co-worker who was trying to set up a meeting between several people who did not work in the same company (they had all collaborated on … Continue reading

Genius Spot: Instagram, finally.

The photo-sharing app Instagram was released for Android this week. I have an Android phone and Instagram was basically the main reason why I wanted an iPhone; I can tell you that I am ecstatic to have access to the app. What is so awesome about Instagram? Well, it combines three items: life experience, fancy … Continue reading

Guest Post: Attitude During an Interview!

This last year, I have had the opportunity to administer a few interviews for a position on campus. During the process, I had the chance to see the various communication tactics employed by prospective candidates. I do not think it is stressed enough that your attitude makes an immense difference during the interview process. Your … Continue reading