Posted in March 2012

Guest Post: How to Master Group Work

A “group project” always seems to have the most varied reactions amongst students. From these initial reactions it is easy to identify those that have had the good, the bad and the ugly experiences. Regardless of ones opinion on the matter, there is almost no way to graduate college without doing at least one group … Continue reading

Genius Spot: Hootsuite

This past week I began working as social media coordinator for the Tech Tonic 2012 and Digital Media Forum happening on the Western Washington University campus April 11. Being that the Student Tech Center has multiple accounts to post to, I began using Hootsuite as a platform to post on both Facebook and Twitter. I … Continue reading

Guest Post: How to Handle the Hiring Process

This past year I was put in charge of organizing the hiring process of three new employees at the Western Washington University Parking Office where I work. The process included printing submitted applications, scheduling interviews, creating interview questions, interviewing candidates and evaluating candidates. Through this process, I witnessed positive and negative ways to go about … Continue reading

Media Literacy 101 – Research in Popular Articles

I just finished taking the Communication Research Methods 398 course required by my Communication major. I can tell you that it was fairly boring (except for the professor who was absolutely phenomenal), though I did manage to walk away from this class with increased knowledge – don’t believe everything that journalists claim. To be more … Continue reading

Cover Letter 101

Last night I spent three hours supporting a friend with writing up a cover letter. I sent her some tips prior to our meeting so that she could begin working on it. They are listed below…enjoy! A cover letter is a great tool for introducing yourself to the employer. A resume tells a story, but does … Continue reading

How to Learn AP Style in a Week

Ok, the title of this post is a little misleading – I don’t know how to learn AP style in its entirety in one week, however I do know how to get the basic skills needed for PR writing and to possibly impress your supervisor. Here we go: 1. Buy “the journalist’s Bible”, also know … Continue reading