Genius Spot: Living Social and Groupon

The Genius Spot is a series on Afterglow that will review products and services that enhance my life in one way or another. With each item, I will tell my experience and answer the following question: “How has [X] influenced my communication behavior?”

I started using Living Social and Groupon last May (about 9 months now) and I absolutely love their deals! If you do not already know, these two online companies offer vouchers for businesses at a discounted rate. For instance, the first Living Social that I purchased was a $30 voucher for The Flat Iron Grill, which I paid $15.







Since then, I have had the opportunity to try new many restaurants that I would have never known about or afforded on my college student budget. I have also purchased these deals for businesses such as the Experience Music Project, The Gap, Adrift Hotel and Spa, The Seattle Space Needle, and The Body Shop.

And how have Living Social and Groupon influenced my communication behavior?

Inspired new ways to communicate, “I Love You”:
This Valentine’s Day I bought two gifts for my partner through Living Social. I made a custom book from Picaboo and had it delivered with a Fleur de Sel Caramel Box from local business Oh Chocolate. I showed him how special he is through my choice decision (nonverbal communication), which I probably would not have chosen if I was not a subscriber to Living Social.

Altered perception:
Not only has using these services given me access to products and services, I am also more inclined to try new experiences or products because of the affordability. The way I think is: “That company sounds interesting, I will look out for a Groupon from them!”


One thought on “Genius Spot: Living Social and Groupon

  1. I’ve had the same experience with Groupon and Living Social! I think this is a great way for different companies to attract new clients and to receive business that they might not have otherwise.

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