Social Media Workshop Debrief

This past Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012, I held a social media and online presence workshop at Western Washington University. You can review the presentation at this link. Here are the main topics I discussed:

  • Employers are using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to not only screen job candidates, but also to recruit them.
  • There are many benefits from maintaining an active social media accounts on Twitter and or LinkedIn. You can build a positive and professional personal brand, learn about your field or industry, network with other students and professional, find [unique] job opportunities, and you will have the opportunity to influence others.
  • Three challenges of social media engagement are maintaining consistent interaction, keeping track of SM each account, and remembering to be patient with your development using the accounts.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn can both connect you with professionals, help you find jobs, and keep up on industry trends.
  • Twitter is a place for conversations – to both speak and listen. I get news a lot of my news from Twitter.
  • LinkedIn is a great platform to promote your skills because you can write more detailed accounts of the jobs that you have had. Join a specialized group to find people in your field. These groups facilitate networking and discussions about the particular field.
  • Be sure to design a strategy that works for you. Start slowly and take time to become familiar with each platform. Remember, patience!

Here are a couple notes that I did not have time to mention during the workshop:

  • Vanity search:
    • Search yourself on Google and Google images. You can also set up a Google Alert that will send an email to your account whenever your name pops up in their index. This is a good way to monitor your online presence.
  • LinkedIn:
    • Personalize your request to connect: The purpose of LinkedIn is to build strong professional relationships not to simply have a ton of connections. Even if you know the person, still write in a custom message.
  • Twitter:
    • #FF which stands for “Follow Friday” is a way to promote your followers. Simply add users that you would like to promote to a tweet  using the hashtag #FF. See example below:
    • Lists: You can group Twitter users together in organized lists. This helps you monitor specific users’ tweets in a seperate feed. I have groups made for WWU students, PR students/interns, Social Media/Marketing pro’s, etc.

Any other tips you can’t live without? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Social Media Workshop Debrief

  1. Thanks! It was a great learning experience and I am planning to continue giving workshops during my undergraduate studies.

    The thing is that there is huge demand for this knowledge – you would be surprised, or at least I was, of how many students do not even know what LinkedIn is. My goal is to educate students around me of the opportunities that can come from active and “professional” participation through social networks. And through this goal, I am held accountable to actively particpate in social networks myself.

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