Self-disclosure and Relationships

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.”

-Morrie Schwartz

Love is extremely important to our well-being. Whether it’s from a friend, relative or romantic partner, we need to participate in reciprocal and close relationships in our lives in order to live happy, joyous and free.

We may understand the closeness of a relationship by the level of self-disclosure revealed by each person. For instance, with my best friends, I will pretty much say or do anything. There are two dimensions to consider: breadth and depth. The breadth concerns the range of topics discussed. Depth concerns how deeply you delve into each topic.

For instance, you may talk to someone in your workplace about a breadth of topics, but without much depth. However, you may talk to a mentor about a specific topic, like your career, with a lot of depth, and lack a broad range of subjects for discussion.

So want to take your relationship to the next level? It may be time to open conversation up to new topics and to allow yourself to have an open and honest chat!

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!


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