Posted in February 2012

Advice from #WWUPopMIC

Yesterday, I attended the 3rd annual Pop Music Industry Conference at Western Washington University (#WWUPopMIC). It was an absolutely amazing experience – the panelists were well-prepared and did a great job of explaining the ins and outs of the industry. Below are prominent quotes and pieces of advice from the panels I attended. Special thanks … Continue reading

Is my Twitter Handle a Good Fit?

After reading Andrew Clinkman’s post, Underscores in Ye Old Twitter Handle, I was inspired to elaborate on my experience choosing a Twitter handle. There are a ton of articles that give guidelines on how to choose a Twitter handle like Twitter Handles Dos and Don’t’s,  so I will not get into those details, but the … Continue reading

Genius Spot: Living Social and Groupon

The Genius Spot is a series on Afterglow that will review products and services that enhance my life in one way or another. With each item, I will tell my experience and answer the following question: “How has [X] influenced my communication behavior?” I started using Living Social and Groupon last May (about 9 months … Continue reading

Social Media Workshop Debrief

This past Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012, I held a social media and online presence workshop at Western Washington University. You can review the presentation at this link. Here are the main topics I discussed: Employers are using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to not only screen job candidates, but also to recruit them. There are many … Continue reading

Self-disclosure and Relationships

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” -Morrie Schwartz Love is extremely important to our well-being. Whether it’s from a friend, relative or romantic partner, we need to participate in reciprocal and close relationships in our lives in order to live happy, … Continue reading

Think your Facebook profile is really private?

A student in my Professional Communication 318 class shared the experience of going to a job interview in which the interviewer asked her to log on to Facebook and show her page. It surprised me that the future employer would go to such lengths, but I took it as a valuable warning. For college students, … Continue reading

How to Turn Academic Skills into Professional Skills

As a student, I am often forced to leave the classroom to find “job experience”, however there are many skills that we learn in class which can transfer to a professional environment. 1. Diligently scribble – A new job or internship can be overwhelming at first, so write everything down. Taking detailed notes shows you … Continue reading